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How to Post Pics at the MousePad
By: Butch Cassidy

Posting URLs to pics on a website:

1. Go to the page in the site where the pic is at...

2. Copy the URL by either clicking on it in the address box and dragging accross it, highlighting the entire thing, and then punching <control> & <C> to copy it.
-or- right click the image, choose <properties> and copy the address from that box.

3. Come to the MousePad

4. When posting your message you need to use this format:

here is a pic I found at this site:

<a href="">Joey's Feet Pic</a>

this will place a hyperlink on the page that says 'Joey's Feet Pic', and when you click on it, you will go to that page.

This obviously works for any hyperlink you want to post as well!

Posting pics you have on your computer:

1. Locate where the pic is on your computer...
ie: Desktop/HITW/images/joey101.jpg

2. Go to the web address:

(you may use any free hosting site, but I find Fortune City to be one of the best)

3 Sign up for the free hosting service, takes about 5 minutes.

4. Once you have an account, go to the File Manager (every site has a File Manager)

5.. Find your pic using the browse function, and then upload (if you have problems, there should be tons of help on the site to explain things to you)

6. Once the pic is uploaded, go to the MousePad.

7. When posting your message you need to use this format:


Here is a pic I made, Enjoy!

<img src="">

That's all Folks...